Today’s NLP technique in this neuro linguistic programming training aims at dissolving bad memories in 30 minutes. Let’s continue on our NLP training: on doc bea, you have the full praticioner training on NLP. This is a unique opportunity to learn, so don’t forget to subscribe !! To train for free, here is the link

NLP technique: dissolving bad memories

Do you sometimes have a conflict with your wife/husband, with a colleague or a relative? Or, sometimes during shopping, or in your car in the traffic, may be someone annoyed you?

Today, I am going to present a super powerful NLP technique, aiming at dissolving bad memories. You’ll be super conscious now, nobody will recognize you ! 🙂 Please remember the video on how we perceive the reality and how we select, deform and generalize the reality. So, modifying how you perceive a past event will help you to live a happier life.

I hope you will enjoy, and please don’t forget to share to your wife and or husband or maybe your children, so they will turned into angels soon 😉 😍😍😍😘😘😘

NLP technique – neuro linguistic programming

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2) NLP techniques – Neuro linguistic programming

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