Today, you will be able to determine your values with this neuro linguistic programming, NLP exercise. This exercise really changed my life so I really hope that you will consider doing it. To benefit the most from this exercise, I recommend you take a little moment for yourself, maybe one hour. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to take this time now, watch this video until the end, because most likely it will already have a positive effect.

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Neuro linguistic Programming, values exercice

What is really important for you? Just the fact to ask to yourself these simple questions already have amazing positive effects. In fact we are driven by our unconscious and only 5% is conscious. Thus even conscienlly you believe you don’t have the answer, asking these questions already reorganizes the neurons in your brains and it helps you to drive your actions on things that are more important for you.

There are three steps in this exercice, the first step is to define 50 to 60 values that you consider as important for you, globally. Second step will be to group all the similar values into one group until you have 10 values. Third step is to evaluate the importance of each values.

I let you watch the video I made for you and where I give the entire demonstration of the NLP technique:

Neuro linguistic Programming

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