In this neuro linguistic Programming training, I would like to present the metamodele and the perception of reality. This video is crucial because it is the basis that will allow you to cure inner wounds from the past and even more importantly to transform limiting beliefs into helping beliefs to realize a fulfilled life.

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Neuro linguistic Programming, the meta model

If you are at a party, where there are 100 people and the next day, you ask these 100 people to describe the event, you will realize that there are 100 different realities of the same reality. Thus, it shows that we all perceive reality differently. 

In addition, you can observe that during the night you can see plenty of stars in the sky, but during the day, while these stars are present, you don’t see them. So it demonstrates that we have plenty of information around us but since we have a body, we are restricted by our senses and we are not able to detect all the information in reality.

This is true for the eyes, but this is also true for everything we hear. For example, we cannot hear the ultrasounds. In NLP, we say that the map is not the territory. In fact, each reality goes through three filters: the selection, the distortion and the generalization.

I let you watch the video I made for you where I give the entire understanding of the meta model:

Neuro linguistic Programming

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