In neuro linguistic programming (NLP) training, beliefs are very important because what you believe will determine your life. Limiting beliefs prevent you from living  an inspired life, while helping beliefs promote living an inspired life. A belief is believing that something is real. In this article and the video included, I would like to show you how a belief can be modified.

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Neuro linguistic Programming – beliefs system

I am going to give you an example of a limiting belief.  Let’s imagine you believe that you don’t know how to speak publicly. The day you should talk publicly, you will have negative inner thoughts. You will repeat to yourself “I am not good, how am I going to answer the questions etc.” and thus your energy, which is the internal state in NLP, will be negative. You won’t feel good, you will be curled into yourself, you will talk slowly, almost nobody will hear you. Consequently, your behaviour will be weird, and if you are giving a seminar your results will not be great and this will be a negative cycle. In top of that, you will have a feedback loop from the environment which will confirm that indeed you don’t know how to talk publicly.

In contrast, if you have a helping belief that you are super good at oral presentations / public speaking, you will be excited to talk and you will tell yourself how great it will be. Your internal state will be very positive, and your comportment will follow accordingly. People will see, they will hear and even sense that you are aligned. Thus they will listen to you and thus your results will be great. This will then be a virtue cycle. The feedback from the environment will also reinforce the belief that you are super good because people will say, it was such a great talk!

This demonstrates how a negative belief will lead to a negative cycle, while a helping belief will lead to a positive cycle. So you should consider asking yourself which limiting belief you have to change them.

I let you watch the video I made for you to know more about beliefs system

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