NLP stands for Neuro linguistic programming. NLP was discovered in 1970 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who interviewed the best in their domains. The people interviewed were amazing therapists, advocate, best communicators, and they found that all these people had common strategies that bring them to succeed.

From there Richard Bandler and John Grinder wrote some strategies. They gave us keys and tools that will also help us to succeed in the domain we are interested in. To train for free, here is the link

Neuro linguistic Programming, anchoring

Each time you feel an emotion, your brain links everything you are perceiving to the emotion. Naturally an emotion, is associated with everything that you will see, hear and feel. Regarding the feeling, it means the kinesthesis sense, the touch, the taste and the olfaction.

 So if in the past, you experienced something and you have memories, the emotion will emerge because everything you have encoded in your brain is automatically linked to the emotion. Just the images or sounds or sensations  are enough to recall the emotion

It’s like the pavlov phenomena. Pavlov has a dog. Each time pavlov gives some meat to the dog, the dog salivates. So the dog has associated the image of the meat with the taste and he salivates. Now, if Pavlv rings a bell and at the same time he gives some meat, the dog will re-incode the event and the taste will be associated with the meat and the bell. Then, later if Pavlov only rings the bell, the dog salivates.

The nlp exercice is based on this brain bias, as well. You will put your index finger and your thumb together and apply pressure. It can be something else, but we will discuss this later. For now, I am giving the exemple of the pressure of the thumb to the finger and we will associate this pressure to self-confidence.

I let you watch the video I made for you where I give the entire demonstration of the NLP technique:

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NLP techniques

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