In neuro linguistic programming (NLP), the values are in the center of the training. Understanding your core values will allow you to live a fullfilled live. It will help your define your goals in alignment with what is important for you. Thus, you will be happy with plenty of positive energy, and when you are happy you are going well with others. To train with neuro linguistic programming technics for free, here is the link

Neuro linguistic Programming – the values

The values are what is important for you, what is valuable for you. Values can be life domains such as familly carreer, romantic relationship, familly etc but it can also be more personnal concepts like liberty, security etc.

Everybody has more or less the same values (who will say: « i don’t want to be free? ») but all the values are not in the same order in term of hierarchy. Also, behind a word like liberty, different definitions and feelings can be hidden. For example, liberty can be to see the sky if the person is in jail or it can be to be single for someone else, while another person wants to travel. So, what is important is the hierarchy of values and what it means for you. Values can change over time, for example when I was young, the most important thing for me was my bicycle but now, it’s not the case anymore.

I let you watch the video I made for you to know more about the core values

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