NLP stands for Neuro linguistic programming.But what is NLP ? NLP was discovered in 1970 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who interviewed the best in their domains. The people interviewed were amazing therapists, advocate, best communicators, and they found that all these people had common strategies that bring them to succeed. From there Richard Bandler and John Grinder wrote some strategies. They gave us keys and tools that will also help us to succeed in the domain we are interested in.

If we want to be a very good commutator, we will follow the recipes of the best communicators. To be in happiness, follow the recipes of the best people that are in happiness. If we want to be anything, we will just use the recipes of the best in what we would like to be. On doc bea youtube channel, you have the full praticioner training on NLP. This is a unique opportunity to learn, so don’t forget to subscribe !! To train for free, here is the link

What is NLP ?

NLP are three letters that stand for neuro linguistinc programming.

Programming because we had experiences and learned from our relatives since we were very young. These experiences were integrated, and restituted in comportmental strategies and habits. But sometimes unfortunately we didn’t learned from the best.. So the NLP will detect the wrong strategies.

By detecting them, we will be able to take them out and replace them by more inspired strategies and that are best for us. The word neurological means that we are going to discuss things regarding the brain and connecting neurons. And finally we are going to talk about linguistic  because it is in regard to the langage and more precisely to the mental strategies that we have with ourself and with others. So that’s why we are talking about neurological linguistic programming.

To know more, let’s continue watching the video I made for you 😉

What is NLP ?

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NLP techniques – Neuro linguistic programming

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