NLP stands for Neuro linguistic Programming. It was discovered in 1970 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who interviewed the best in their domains. The people interviewed were amazing therapists, advocate, best communicators, and they found that all these people had common strategies that bring them to succeed.

From there Richard Bandler and John Grinder wrote some strategies. They gave us keys and tools that will also help us to succeed in the domain we are interested in. To train for free, here is the link

Neuro linguistic Programming – questiology meta model nlp

Today, I am going to present the metamodel in the speaker’s language and how to use it to ask pertinent questions. It will help you communicate at your best and if you are a therapist; you’ll discover novel information in the metamodel. Briefly, I remind you that when something happens we do not encode the information, as it is in reality. First, we will select information, then we will deform the reality and finally we will generalize.

We all select, deform and generalize the situations, since we were very young. So, at the end we are living in different worlds that are all different and different beliefs. Interestingly, we can switch from one world to another, thanks to the power of questions. You will see it is all magic, I will explain to you how with the power of questions and the metamodel, you will be able to have awareness and change your life.

I will developp here the 3 types of questiology in the selection (complex equivalence, the cause-effect syndrome and the reding in thoughts), 3 types of questions in the selection or ommission (classic ommission, omission of reference, omission of comparaison) and 3 types of questions in the generalization (universal generalizations, odal operator and lost generalization)

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