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Neuro linguistic programming – Reaching a goal

Today, I will present the famous Neurolinguistic programming technique, named the five point objective. This NLP exercise is used by top athletes and managers, when they are determined to reach an objective. You can use it to quit smoking, to lose weight or any goal that you want to achieve. If you have tried several times but haven’t succeeded yet, please watch the video until the end, this video is for you.

First, define perfectly your goal. Your objective should be specific, measurable, realistic and motivating. Also, please define a deadline to reach your goal, that’s important.

If you do this exercise, you should reach your objective. Maybe you will go from a 10% chance of reaching your goal to a 90 or 99% chance, if you follow these 5 points. The last point is one of the points which will make the difference so please watch the video until the end if you want to succeed.

I let you watch the video for the demonstration of the NLP technique

The 5 points are:

  1. identify the final result of the desire objective
  2. why it is important for you and others
  3. what is the ecology (is there anyone that can help or in contrast would be negatively impacted?)
  4. be conscious of the behaviors (the first steps)
  5. be conscious of the energy
neuro linguistic programming

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